Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Art of Massage Academy

Become a Massage Therapist

The Art of Massage Academy is scheduled to open in January of 2014. For information about admissions either call 954/839-7375 or email .

The Art of Massage Academy is your best choice to learn to be a licensed massage therapist for the following reasons:

  • Low Tuition: Tuition is projected to be only $9000.

  • Scholarships Are Available To Qualified Students: Many students will receive scholarships which will lower their tuition costs to approximately $4,000.

  • TAOM Will Have The Most Academically Qualified And Experienced Instructors: Typically, massage schools have instructors with minimal experience in the industry. TAOM instructors will have an advanced education and at least 10 years of experience working as a licensed massage therapist.

  • Small Class Size, Personalized Instruction

  • Much Of Your Hands-On Training Will Be In An Actual Working Massage Establishment: Most schools have their students train in the school clinic. TAOM students will train in every facet of an actual massage establishment. Students will learn by working alongside licensed professionals.

  • TAOM Students Will Learn What To Do After Graduation: Most massage schools teach their students to be therapists but neglect to teach them how to get a job or start their own practice. TAOM instructors all have private practice experience and students will learn in an actual running massage establishment.

Learn to be a massage therapist in a real spa setting!

Here I will put the images you sent me of your spa.

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The Art of Massage Academy

The Art of Massage Academy

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Become a Licensed Massage Therapist at the Art of Massage Academy!

Start your massage career now!

We understand how difficult the economy is and the challenges you are faced with when trying to find extra income. Whether you’re considering a massage career or just a way to supplement your income, we are showing our support by offering several $5,000 Scholarships to our Massage Therapy Program.

Come check out our spa-like atmosphere where you will gain an in-depth understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology, all of which are critical in determining what type of massage is appropriate for each client. As a student you will be participating in an actual running clinic, working one on one with a top instructor.

You are nurtured every step of the way as you develop massage techniques and gain exposure to an entire range of specialized modalities that range from therapeutic deep tissue techniques to light touch. Our program is designed to prepare you to become a successful, fully-licensed massage therapist.

The standard “desk and blackboard” approach to learning isn’t for everyone. In fact, we believe the best way to learn is to start out in an actual working spa atmosphere from the very first day of school. That’s just one of the many reasons why our instructor is recognized as one of the best in the state and why he has an extensive history of success preparing students for the Florida State Exam.

A massage career will provide you with a flexible lifestyle. You call the shots. Work around other responsibilities. A massage career will enable you to enjoy your life as well as provide a means of support.


Enjoy the beauty of a massage career

Become a Licensed Massage Therapist at the Art of Massage Academy!